James Labadie, mural artist
is now in Dallas!

A self-trained muralist and graphic artist, James created beautiful things in the Metro Detroit area for 25 years. An accomplished airbrush artist, he is also highly skilled with traditional artists brushes.

Labadie murals have adorned all manner of interior and exterior surfaces, from bathroom walls to storefronts, from garage floors to gymnasium ceilings.

Subject matter is no issue, either. From abstracts to portraits, James can paint just about anything.

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Harlig Saker - Beautiful Things

Murals by James Labadie

...Beautiful Things

James Labadie mural artist in Dallas TX

The Pain Center
Bothra's House
 VM Shelter
AFG Shelter
GCH Shelter
Dee's Back Yard
 Club Pet Too
Kid's Pirate Ship
Garage Floor
East Hills School
Table Tavern
Jungle Playroom
After Polo Match
Van Dyke Park
The Black Pearl
Ticket King
Home Theater
Accents & Borders
Murals in Malls
Exterior Murals
Star Theatres
Labadie Graphics


 Beautiful things.

  Framed paintings and other objects d'art can capture your attention,... draw you in. As you look at them, your mind wanders into the fantasy.

 When a mural surrounds you, you don't have to look at it. You are in the world of the art. You cannot help but be affected. It's similar to the way the overall color of a room has a tendency to calm, excite, or otherwise influence your mood. Even if you are not focused on the image(s), you notice on a subconscious level, and act accordingly. 

 Links at the left side of this page will take you to murals by James Labadie, including exterior murals, sports murals, animal murals, kids room murals, bedroom murals and other subjects and settings. 

Harlig Saker in action...

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James Labadie - mural artist in Dallas TX
Harlig Saker... Beautiful Things