James Labadie, mural artist
is now in Dallas!

A self-trained muralist and graphic artist, James created beautiful things in the Metro Detroit area for 25 years. An accomplished airbrush artist, he is also highly skilled with traditional artists brushes.

Labadie murals have adorned all manner of interior and exterior surfaces, from bathroom walls to storefronts, from garage floors to gymnasium ceilings.

Subject matter is no issue, either. From abstracts to portraits, James can paint just about anything.

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Harlig Saker - Beautiful Things

Murals by James Labadie

...Beautiful Things

James Labadie mural artist in Dallas TX

Labadie murals

Garage Floor murals...

garage floor logo murals

 Beautiful things.
 When Jim George built a 6 car garage for his auto collection, he needed something special. The poured cement floor was painted with a black and white checkerboard pattern. Then for each parking spot, a 4' wide logo was painted for the car that would be parked there. Durable epoxy paints were used for both the checkerboard and the logos.

Jim's garage floor...

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James Labadie - mural artist in Dallas TX
Harlig Saker... Beautiful Things