James Labadie, graphic artist
is now in Dallas!

A self-trained muralist and graphic artist, James created beautiful things in the Metro Detroit area for over 25 years. An accomplished muralist, he is also highly skilled with digital vector art for the screen printing industry.

James has been working with garment decoration since 1986, when artwork was still created by hand and films were made using a photographic process. His skill in producing effective graphics is enhanced by his experience as a press operator in production screen printing. He knows how and why things work (or not) in the real world of the screen printing shop.

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Harlig Saker - Beautiful Things

Graphics by James Labadie

...Beautiful Things

James Labadie mural artist in Dallas TX

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Logo Design
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Vector art from client-provided images...

 Beautiful things.

  Logo development and apparel decoration designs based on photos, sketches, web images, and business cards.


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Mock-ups with re-drawn art

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Re-draw with requested changes

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Re-draw, distressed

Re-draw from business card scan
Re-draw from customer sketch

James Labadie - graphic artist in Dallas TX
Harlig Saker... Beautiful Things